Owner - Richard Boynton

We are based in kwazulu Natal, and our business has three aspects to it :

Firstly it operates as a breeding facility for various indigenous and exotic reptiles in order to supply
quality captive bred animals to the pet trade

Secondly the shop Creatures & Critters acts as a point of sale to the public for reptiles, birds, fish and mammals as well as all the associated caging and accessories necessary to maintain them optimally in captivity

Thirdly we supply wholesale to other pet shops and dealers. Trade enquiries welcome

We are fortunately in an era where vast amounts of information can be gleaned from other's experiences. This information is readily available in volumes of magazine articles, books, scientific journals, videos and DVD's, as well as the internet. Remember however, that until you personally experience the same, this information remains somebody else's opinion or experience, and is not necessarily all that there is to know. Although the science (and art) of breeding beautiful reptiles has grown in leaps and bounds over the last twenty years, there is still much to be learned and much to be improved upon. It is the animals themselves that are our best text books and careful observation of their behaviour has taught us well. I believe observing our animals and adjusting our husbandry accordingly is the single most important contributor to our husbandry and breeding success. It is the reptiles themselves that I thank the most, and to which I dedicate our success. When we no longer allow our observations to guide our husbandry practices so that we can house content healthy animals then we can never expect consistent breeding success. Every animal that we confine no matter how long it has been domesticated is relying totally on us for its behavioural, nutritional and physiological needs and if we cannot supply these needs we should not expect regular success with our breeding projects. It makes both moral and business sense therefore, to ensure that we understand all our animals' individual needs. As I have always said, "If you look after them then they will look after you."

Our initial interest in indigenous reptiles and their conservation is stronger today than ever and forms much of our work. Breeding pattern and colour morphs, which superficially differ from their wild cousins, should not in any way be confused with conservation efforts which seek to understand and propagate, usually endangered species, preferably in geographically isolated populations.

We also have a strong aesthetic appreciation for the amazing array of colour and pattern morphs represented by so many of the species being produced commercially today. We are actively involved in producing new morphs of several species, both indigenous and exotic, through selective breeding. These beautiful reptile varieties are as much a product of domestication as goldfish/koi varieties, canary/budgie breeds or even dog/cat breeds, all bred for their aesthetic appeal.

To put it more simply our breeding efforts cater for a large cross-section of interest groups, the common denominator being that we pride ourselves in producing quality captive bred reptiles, usually from animals that have been in captivity for many generations. We are continually selecting to offer the best strains, blood-lines, colour morphs and pattern morphs available to us. Those of you who buy from us will benefit directly or indirectly by receiving many generations of hard work and selective breeding. This in turn will put your own breeding projects well ahead of the starting line.

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Tel: 031 765 6338
Address: 17 Old Main Road, Botha's Hill
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